Inclusion is not just for children with special needs

During the three-day 7th Regional Festival-`ZaTE` partners from RIC Novo mesto in Slovenia promoted the Intellectual outputs of Hey! Teachers don`t leave the kids alone project cofounded by Erasmus+.

We presented the main results of the project:

  • Transnational analysis
  • Development of new methodologies and approaches for teachers and other professionals from the field of education
  • New learning tools and instructions for using them
  • Electronic resources for teachers, families and learners (preparation of e-learning tools)

Multiplier event gave us another opportunity to present a newly developed ONLINE GAME to promote the inclusion of children at schools, improve pupil and teacher relations, and strengthen relationships between parents, pupils and school.

The main part of the event was a practical demonstration of the possibilities of using games in schools and at home. The game is available at

Development and Education centre Novo mesto, September 2018

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