26th Primary School Panayias Tricherousa is a public educational organization under the Cypriot educational authority. It has 460 students and 36 teachers. In the heart of a multicultural city have Cypriot students and students from other countries and other cultures. It has refugees (due to Turkish invasion in 1974), immigrants, and pupils with educational problems or disabilities. Classes are mixed ability.

Our school is located in the center of Limassol which is at the south coast of Cyprus. A town with rapid development especially after the Turkish invasion in 1974, that brought thousands of refugees. It is a town with many tourists visiting it all year round. This issue in combination with the hundreds of immigrants that are seeking for a better life gives the town a unique characteristic. Financial growth of the last decades was the reason for many Europeans and Russians to live here. Limassol became a modern city with its advantages and disadvantages. The modern trends and modern way of living had an impact on family type, cohesion and social networks. In that sense, many children come from modern families carrying their particularities and their trend of individualism and loss of solidarity and social cohesion.

Our school aims to enhance and apply such practices of individualization in order to create new bonds; greater networks and inclusion thus give students appropriate skills and the potential to handle daily challenges in modern society. Therefore, this project will help our teachers to be trained in a way to deal with inclusion and cohesion in society for peace, tolerance and wellbeing.

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