The University of Lodz (ULO) is one of the largest higher education institutions in Poland. Founded in 1945 it currently employs over 2500 teaching staff (of which over 1200 are Ph.D. holders). The number of students is over 42 000. Research and teaching is carried out at 12 Faculties and inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary research institutes. International Cooperation has been given the utmost priority in the development policy of the University. Under the direct cooperation agreements ULO collaborates with 91 higher education institutions in 26 countries. The University of Lodz is a member of such international organisations as: EUA, Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Alliance of Universities for Democracy. It also operates within the network GRUPO COMPOSTELA DE UNIVERSIDADES. ULO has participated in a number of international research programmes including: European Union Framework Programmes, SOCRATES Thematic Network, TEMPUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, ACE, Jean Monnet, CEEPUS, Grundtvig. Altogether, faculty members and researchers have taken part in eleven 5th FPs and twenty one 6th FPs, of which nine are related to broadly understood social sciences and humanities.

Within this project following departments would be involved:

  • Vice-Chancellor of Curricula and Quality Assurance
  • PhD staff with professional experience in working with children, teenagers and young adults
  • International Educational Projects Office
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