The Training tools will follow two main roadmaps:

  • the first one concerns new or revised teaching methodologies/approaches, jointly designed by the project partners , tailored on the need of inclusion of the students; the methodologies will be firstly tested and piloted within the primary schools identified at the beginning of the project activties;
  • the second one concerns the transfer of particular skills to the primary school’s teachers, not only technical skills related to their professional sphere, but also soft skills, that are considered necessary to facilitate the creation of inclusive environments within the schools, for students and their families.

Training tools should be designed so that they are as user friendly as possible for those who have difficulties with accessing textual information, in particular students with specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, and those with some visual impairment).

Moreover, the products and methodologies of the Welness and Do.Re.Mat projects will be taken into account, and used as starting points for the implementation of the Training tools.


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