The PROTOCOL will be a procedural document  containing allthe key aspects of an inclusive  learning approach. The protocol will be used as a guide to validate and certificate the competences of any professional making use of it, as “inclusive learning approach”skills.

All the final version of the project products developed so far, will be collected (Training tools, , research, stakeholder analysis etc.) and harmonised in order to make the protocol a document easy to use.

The Protocol will be based on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework), and within this framework it will be created a scheme for the validation of the above-mentioned competencies. a certification of competencies third (“Competence Institute” , an Italian organization,with an agreement with the project applicant), using this methodology for the certification of skills acquired in non-formal contexts, will support project partners in identifying the forms of certification and  the same certification that will be issued to persons who will be transferred these skills within the project.


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